The Cullen Club
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Summary: Bella gets her wish of spending her birthday at her cousins in Louisiana, they take her to the local vampire bar for a new experience but what does The Cullen Club hold instore for her?

Civil Blood

Summary: What happens when all the odds are stacked against you, a new forbidden love , when enemy becomes lover. Will Demetri and Edward have their Sempre or is the fued too deep.

Second Chances
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Summary:Bella is 17 , wild and pregnant, sent away to Forks to stay with the Cullens, Edward is 17 a recluse and musical prodigy.Can this unlikely pair learn to live and love again. They both have secrets will they destroy them both or make them stronger.

His Lucky Green Eyes
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Summary: Jasper is running from a bad break up under the guise of learning his roots in Ireland. Perhaps with a bit o' magic and luck o' the Irish, a chance encounter in a mysterious pub will mend his heart. Or destroy it beyond repair. E/J Slash.


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